Reflecting on Photography

Found myself wandering around aiming my camera at whatever I find to be beautiful. I enjoy doing all kinds of photography. Others have made comments that I have an “eye” for architectural photography. So I do mainly focus on interior and exterior architectural photography but I do not limit myself. I do portraits and street a lot, I have been exploring abstract as well. I take photos everyday, normal I take about 100 photos a day. I am totally in love with the world of photography. I am studying the principles while developing my own styles and studying other photographers like my new favorite Connie Zhou.

It’s my true passion, I have even fallen in love with the editing process. I used to hate it but I know its a must have skill for art. After a while I enjoyed it, I stopped thinking I hated it and kept positive by saying it will improve the shot. Do you have a passion you enjoy on an everyday basis?

This shot was taken in the Winn Center at Cosumnes River College. I love the floor they feature in the building, it’s very reflective and works well with black and white. The building has a lot of industrial elements which I simply love. The teachers made it so some of the areas of the ceiling are not “complete” so we can see the duct work, etc. It is a very beautiful place I suggest everyone to go there and view it. I took this shot with my Samsung Galaxy S3.

Have fun exploring!




Complicated Shadow

I wanted this shot to be complicated with a lot of shadows in order to create drama. It was a mental health based building. I also wanted to capture the reflection, see its like you can’t truly see inside the building. You never know what will happen.

I took this shot with my Samsung Galaxy S3. There was on a VA lot, as I tagged along with my grandfather when he visited a hospital to get an MRI. I quite enjoy this shot because of the meaning I tried to make out of it.

Have a good day


Pursuit of Self knowledge

A piece of paper can not prepare anyone for this world. No one cares what college you graduate from but what knowledge you obtained from that college. Did you get any actual experience? The world is getting harder as entry level jobs now require experience most don’t have the chance to obtain as they are seeking entry level jobs.

I shot this with my Samsung Galaxy S3 from a  low angle so I could capture everything and add weight to the shot. The building appears to be looming over the viewer. In society we place so much value on getting to college but what happens when college is no longer the place it should be? That’s my idea for this shot, to emphasis the heaviness of colleges to students. I didn’t edit this shot besides change it to black and white as it added more depth (aka looked better).

This shot was featured on Cosumnes River College’s official Instagram, which made me happy as it was like they were accepting my photo as quality work they would showcase. My only problem is that they cropped the photo in a way I wish they didn’t.


Life is Beautiful

Close your eyes and simply take life in. We rush so much in life that we take the truly beautiful for granted.You need to slow down at times and allow yourself to take life in. Your health will be better and you might even lose a bit of weight. You can learn so much about yourself if you only take a moment to slow down and think. Follow your heart and enjoy life.

This photo is of a tree that is in my backyard. I had the urge to photograph it, this was one of the first images I took with my Sony Cybershot DSC h200. I love the texture of the tree and how it forms later in the shot. My whole goal was to capture the beauty of life and I believe I did just that.

Have fun and slow down:)


A new wind Rises

How’s it going? For this shot, I used my ZTE Camera Phone then added a filter to make it appear older. This is the Winn Center at Cosumnes River College which houses the architecture and photography departments. My main idea was to capture reflection but I ended up liking the whole piece. I look at buildings differently than other, whenever I shoot I make sure it’s not from the normal perspective.

The title of this piece just symbolizes my start of my photo blogging. I am a Ghibli fan , anyone else who knows about that studio will understand the true meaning of the title.