Better than Ever

architecture photography, interior architecture

After a lot of thinking and some very relaxing meditation. I feel better than ever. I find something that I tried to bury. I’ve walked down a new pathway that has put different doors that will show me different paths that I never thought about before. 

It really does feel good I can say I’m happy for the first time in a long time. I’m keeping it short today, just wanted to post something since I haven’t been active for two days. There was a problem that I was able to fix and I needed time to think. 

My pen is working again and going to have to spend hours crafting words to get back into my groove. This shot was also inspired by Boogie Cousins who has found himself on a new path with new doors placed Infront of him. 

Have a great night/day,


When one door closes another opens

architecture photography, interior architecture

This shot was taken with my Galaxy S3 on a warm afternoon. Wanted to see what kind of shadows that are on a door. It’s a simple object that we all see everyday but do we truly pay attention to them?

We tend to ignore the beauty of everyday objects. I want to explore these subjects and expose new things about them visually. 

Never give up if one dreams truly fails trust me there will be another door that opens for you.


Commit to it and capture the shot you want 

architecture photography, interior architecture

You have to take pictures that you want to take. At times if you have a client they may want you to take a shot you don’t want to take. It’s okay to satisfy the clients desires but show them your way as well. Give them more than one option and show them pictures you desired to take. You never know they may like your ideas more than theirs. 

You have to be committed to the shot, you may have to stand there to capture the right shot. You may have to wait for someone to walk into the frame. It takes patience sometimes to make a great photograph.

This shot was taken with my Cybershot in the afternoon. I like looking at this hall. The floor is very reflective, there’s wall art, straight lines in different angles. I sat there and took a few shots until I felt like it was right. 

Commit to excellence!


Capture the grittiness of life as you see it 


I love seeing the grittiness of life it’s beautiful in its own way. I think this are just too bright now even horror film. Everything is 100% clean but that’s not life. We all know that so I choose to capture the true beauty of life. Which is its imperfections that we normally walk past. 

Been venturing into doing street photography. I don’t live in a highly populated area thus I tend to spend more time admiring buildings, machines, etc.I am going out of my comfort zone to do more street and portrait photography. It’s the only way I can improve as a storyteller.

Do what you fear,