Another older shot of mine with a Sony Cybershot. I didn’t edit this one either but I plan to as practice.

I am still learning how to edit raw photos in Lightroom and Photoshop. I still have a long way to go before I can call myself a decent photo editor. For now, I’m watching videos on the topic and photography in general. I’m focused on becoming a photographer but I’m open to explore wherever I go on this path of mine.

Peace for now,


Be Different

I love taking shots of subjects that don’t “move”. I grew up taking shots like this and never sought to capture things that are extremely popular subjects to take photos of. I don’t try to be different, I just am. Instead of trying hard to be different just be yourself. 

Stay true to who you truly are,


Exploring my life

Simply thinking but also acting. I’m spending more time simply being creative and doing things I want. I’m exploring all aspects of my creativity, while doing my best to ignore the numbers. 

This photo was taken at night in downtown Sacramento on a cool night. I was walking to back to my car and took a moment to capture the beauty of the Tower Bridge. I love the color and all the lights mixed with the darkness. 

It really helped represent my new work ethic. While others sleep I’m working and they are wasting time I’m working. Steadily improving in everyway while some downs here and there. I’m keeping my head up and not letting it get to me. 

Have fun!


Passion is a business

No matter what your passion is, it’s apart of someone’s business. Eventually most of us want to make our passions apart of our work/business. The thing is sometimes money gets in the way. You may not produce the work you dont like because the client likes it or you’ll simply do work for money. 

Or you may just lose your passion after being fired, laid off, etc. We must ask ourselves why we started our work and what our passion truly means to us. We can’t allow anyone to take our passions away from us. 

I’m a big time basketball fan and d-league hopeful. Recently, my hometown team traded a superstar calibur player. He came back here to say goodbye and it was amazing to see the emotion he exposed as he choked on his words. The team used him as an escape goat for all their problems but he is not letting that ruin his passion for playing basketball nor for helping the people of this city. 

I’m sure he told himself it’s just how we do business. No matter the odds never lose your passion and keep charging on.

This photo was taken in downtown Sacramento at night. I was about to get in my car when I turned around to see this. I uploaded a black and white image but today I show it without editing. I wanted to capture the spirit of the team and the hotel that was showing the teams logo on its side. I love the lights on the top and all the colors that don’t seem to be overbearing. I’m trying to evolve as an artist and photographer. I will be attempting not to make all my images black and white. It will be a challenge but one I must take to improve.

Aim higher than the moon,


A Day of light Happiness

Explored the depths of downtown Sacramento with my father and sister. They were looking for food and the bathroom. We spent time Infront of a restaurant that haven’t been to before. They unexpectedly became the models for this shots. Luckily a couple was exiting the store at the same time I took the shot. 

I captured the age of the building with the shadows of the dying day. Love the wood as well and the overall feel of the place. It was about 6 when we were exploring. 

Went around a lot of cool stores, even found an old arcade where I played street fighter (terribly) and pacman. I really would enjoy going back there with them. 

At the end of the day, these were some moments I’ll never forget. My father was patient with his children’s photography sessions as we lost ourselves in our respected cameras. 

Appreciate the little things,


Explore your world

I’m talking about the environment around you. Explore every depth of where you live even if you been there before. You may discover something new or something you always wanted to capturr but never had your camera. Never complain that you have nothing to shoot thats a damn lie. Shoot old subjects from different angles. Take shots you normally wouldn’t explore different niches.

For instance, I mainly do street but I capture a lot of architectural shots but I venture into abstract, fashion, nature, Industrial, and portrait photography. My main focus is architectural but I capture whatever shot I have a story for. 

The night was young and beautiful as I explored the depths of downtown. The Tower Bridge shined marvelously as me and my family peered to the sky as the day closed. 

Venture into the outside world (be careful),