Day 43 – Start

architecture photography, black and white photography, interior architecture

DSC05295.jpg Had a great day realizing what weakness of mine that I needed to work on. At times I take things too seriously and can say some things in the wrong tone. Working to rid myself of that weakness and speak from an open and honest heart while not attacking anyone.

This photo is my attempt to explore interior architecture. I’ve taken a photo of this hall before but not at this angle. My goal was to show contrast, invoke an emotion, and to work with lines. I believe I accomplished all three to some degree. I do some things I may change the next time I capture this place.

Steadily, I am seeing an improvement in my photography and art in general. It’s an exciting thing to noice especially when you pour everything into your crafts.

D16 – Time Will Tell

architecture photography, black and white photography, street photography

IMG_20180115_122700-01Sometimes you can’t tell who will be in your life forever or those that spent time by your side to only pass you by. I came to this thought as I was hanging out with a friend. I believe this friend will be around for a year or two longer and that will be it. I hope that’s not the case but only time can tell.

I was able to accomplish something today that enable me to grow stronger and take a step towards a stronger me and better life.

This photo represents what I mentioned above. I saw a homeless man looking around trash cans and captured this shot as he gave up and kept walking. I captured the glass to show that even if they don’t walk with you now that you should still walk together in your memories.

Have fun and never regret the expiration date of a friend,




Took this with my Galaxy S3. I took a picture of this building before but I wanted it capture it with softer shadows and closer. I enjoy the glass and the fact someone was entering the building when I captured it so the doors are ajar.

You can always return to recapture subject most of the time. It’s best to capture as many shots until you are satisfied. Never take any subject for granted. We don’t know how much time each subject has before something happens or how much time we have. 

Good luck out there cowboys and cowgirls,