Took a short break, but I’m back on schedule to do daily posts again. Since the last time, I posted anything I’ve upgraded to a Nikon D3300. It’s my first DSLR and I bought it entirely with my hard earned cash. It truly felt great to do so, I took it on a 6-mile walkContinue reading “Back”

D48 – Experience

Had a great day pushing myself to the physical limit. However, I explored the mental aspect of life as well. I walked four miles + and had a lot of time to think and explore my desires. Afterwards, had a great time meeting up with a friend. We discussed politics, philosophy and psychology. It gotContinue reading “D48 – Experience”

The road less traveled is the best path

Taken as I left a store with my Cybershot. Wanted to capture the street and the nature I live around. The are I live in is blended with farmland and suburbs.  The best way to change is to go down the road you have neglected as it’s usually that road you want to take. YouContinue reading “The road less traveled is the best path”