Day 11 – Planning

nature, nature photography, street photography

Going where I need to go, just got to take the first step and develop myself to be the man that I want to be. Took the first step now just got to plan and act like my life depends on it. It does.

Keep going

architecture photography, black and white photography, street photography

No matter the odds, I’m going to keep walking like the man in this photo. Even if I have to walk a path heavily shadowed, I’m still going. I would rather die Young and fufilled than live to old age and be a simple cog in the system. This photo symbolizes that very notion. I have to carry on and not live in the past. 

Follow the path you fear


Everyone has a dream even if they fight against it. We are afraid of following them and failing. But if we never risk failure then we will never truly be whole. Even if you failed at least you tried. You can keep your head up and proudly proclaim your results. You may just find who you truly are through the loss. 

Never give up and never give in to the fear. I hope you all a beautiful day.




Our path may be filled with light or shadows but if there is love it doesn’t matter. If you are passionate about something it doesn’t matter what path you take as long as you have the heart to endure. And remember not every path in life is straight.

This was taken with my Samsung Galaxy s3. I was thinking about paths and this shot really came to me at the right time. 

Whatever you take I hope you achieve happiness and true success. Aim high and live,