Day 83 – Nice

Was exploring a new area of the town I live in when two mormons rode by and greeted me. They were nice and simply rode away after saying “I’m fine thank you”. I believe it was around 10 am so the sun is out and peeking through the trees. I’m exploring more and finding waysContinue reading “Day 83 – Nice”

D46 – Fail and Fail again

A truly challenging day mentally as I continue to reach deep down to discover the truths that only I can search for and find. This photo came to fruition as I was walking on a path frequented by retirees and cyclists. No one got in my way nor bothered me as I took shots. IContinue reading “D46 – Fail and Fail again”

Exploring the old

I went back to old subjects to recapture them. This building happens to be one of them and I am proud of he way that this photo turned out. I went back at an earlier time when no one was around to capture it without any human elements. I like how it is not perfect,Continue reading “Exploring the old”

Long journey

Went on an 8+ mile walk and had a lot of time to think and take photos. I’ve made some decisions in my life which will help me finally progress in a positive manner. I am acting on what I want to do and what I don’t want to do at the moment but shouldContinue reading “Long journey”

Exploring Architecture part 2

Explored halls and captured new areas on my photo walk. I enjoy taking photos of architecture with nature. It’s something I was forced to explore since all the architecture around the school has trees around them. Always exploring and always improving.