Day 123 – Strength

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Hakase: Joyful Days of Projects

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I can’t help, but write this post with a smile. I have happy, I’m starting to follow my own direction and have discovered many things. My will has gotten stronger, my photographic/storytelling abilites have improved, and most importantly I have improved as an artist and as a man. I am working hard on several projects to start to accomplish the smaller goals to reach the higher ones I have always dreamed about. Staying postiive with a level head is hard to do, but I’m doing it well. I fight through the negativity and harden myself or simply get lost into something productive. I am happy with my progress in this new year.

This photo is about how I see the world at this moment. I am happy, staying beautiful inside and never allowing the darkness overcome me. I also have projects that are just waiting to bloom. Off to do some more enjoyable work, have fun and live well.


P.S. I’m learning Japanese, which is why I used romanji in the first part of the title.


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Forgetting the rules of photography to further the pursuit of my passion. I am doing things the way I want to without holding myself back. Been wondering a lot and am totally willing to get lost. I was inspired by a Bryan Cranston video, in which he states that we should be willing to get lost as we truly uncover new things.

Rather than label myself with various titles, I consider myself an explorer. Someone who ventures and captures the world as they see it or sometimes just explore without a camera but come back to capture it. I even provide photos for google maps when I take a photo of somewhere that showcases the subject at hand. Just wait there will be many more adventures and photos to come.

These photos repersent the paths I take when I walk. These are just a few subjects that I awalys see and others ignore. I capture these things and showcase their beauty.

Nothing is truly worthless,


See the World

architecture photography, street photography

Don’t be afraid to explore, you never know what you could find. Life is boring if we always stay out and shrink up at the chance to experience a life changing adventure. Be courageous and get out of your comoft zone.