I can’t help, but write this post with a smile. I have happy, I’m starting to follow my own direction and have discovered many things. My will has gotten stronger, my photographic/storytelling abilites have improved, and most importantly I have improved as an artist and as a man. I am working hard on several projects to start to accomplish the smaller goals to reach the higher ones I have always dreamed about. Staying postiive with a level head is hard to do, but I’m doing it well. I fight through the negativity and harden myself or simply get lost into something productive. I am happy with my progress in this new year.

This photo is about how I see the world at this moment. I am happy, staying beautiful inside and never allowing the darkness overcome me. I also have projects that are just waiting to bloom. Off to do some more enjoyable work, have fun and live well.


P.S. I’m learning Japanese, which is why I used romanji in the first part of the title.


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