You should always walk around and inside if you can. It’s great to understand the structure as it is easier to get the right shots and hopes people understand that you know what you are doing. Take in your surroundings and allow your eyes to roam free. I found interesting aspects of exteriors that I didn’t pay attention to before. Like the side of the building might look like a fingerprint from the right angle. It’s something different from the norm. Each building has it’s own character it’s your duty to fully understand it to be the best architectural photographer.

I took this shot with my Samsung Galaxy 3. I made it black and white so there would be a great contrast between the floors and lights. I enjoy the shot as the lighting really pops. It was done in the library building at Cosumnes River College. Always take your time with a shot and you might discover a new angle to shoot. It’s great to understand how light works as photography is drawing with light. The lighting in the shot doesn’t go in the typical straight line so it makes me like this shot even more.

Lastly, explore everywhere you legally can. As long as you are on public property then no one can truly stop you. But be respectful and smile. Don’t dress like a creep! Keep it light and get up close to your subject. Explore everything and you will be a better photographer and explorer. It also helps with losing weight as you are keeping active.


Have a great day and have fun!



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