Sometimes we can find beautiful things to capture that we see every day. All it takes is to be in the right angle at the right time. We usually are numb to what we on an everyday basis so we might ignore some good shots. So the moral of the story is to keep your eyes open even when you are at home. Explore everything in your life and discover new shots. You have to be obsessed with your craft but not crazy. Work hard and you could be your niche’s Steph Curry. Just take the best shots you can possibly take and improve every single day.

This was taken with my Sony Cybershot on a hot evening. I made it black and white because it looked rougher. Also, I don’t like the pale pink color that my house is painted in. I thought this was a great angle to shoot from, it’s something different for me. Took a few shots from different angles and this one spoke out to me. I am taking more shots of residential houses and trying to figure out how to shoot them while keeping my style. It’s a learning process I am enjoying, even diving into product photography. I am exploring every niche, I am trying to improve in all areas. I feel like I taking a step towards progress everyday.

Keep shooting and keep consistent. Have a great day and have fun!



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