Into the Black to Reach Your Dreams

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Sometimes, we have to stay in the dark to reach the light. In light there is darkness and in darkness there is light. Even if your life is in the negative, break it down and see the postive side. Don’t be too hard on yourself, take it a step at a time. My little cousin told me this when I was shooting baskets with him. 

The story of this photo is your journey may be long, but it will be so worth it when you reach your goal. Keep going, never let your dreams get out of sight. If you can’t see the light then find a wall and let it guide you as you continue to walk in the right way.

A Day of light Happiness


Explored the depths of downtown Sacramento with my father and sister. They were looking for food and the bathroom. We spent time Infront of a restaurant that haven’t been to before. They unexpectedly became the models for this shots. Luckily a couple was exiting the store at the same time I took the shot. 

I captured the age of the building with the shadows of the dying day. Love the wood as well and the overall feel of the place. It was about 6 when we were exploring. 

Went around a lot of cool stores, even found an old arcade where I played street fighter (terribly) and pacman. I really would enjoy going back there with them. 

At the end of the day, these were some moments I’ll never forget. My father was patient with his children’s photography sessions as we lost ourselves in our respected cameras. 

Appreciate the little things,


Always aiming to improve and Capture life as I see it

architecture photography

I always bring my 2 cameraphones everywhere I go. I’m starting to treat my Cybershot the same way. Whenever I go somewhere the Cybershot is on my lap ready to shoot at any moment. I even bring it in stores to capture interiors. Normally I will just use my cameraphones in stores to not stand out. 

I want to catch the grittiness of life. I find people trying to make their photos so bright and clean that it almost seems unreal. Thats not for me, I just want to capture life without hiding the ugliness of it. Sometimes that ugliness is actually beauty.

Have a great day,


Start your day right

architecture photography, nature, sky

Nothing like taking shots and editing photos early in the morning. Started my day out with what I love to do as should you. We have to be inspired everyday to make use of the time you have. We have a limited amount of time so do what you love. 

When we do what we love is typically how we find happiness. So I chose to start my day with love and thus have a greater chance to make use of this day.

Go with love,


Sometimes simple is better

architecture photography, interior architecture

Sometime it’s pays to keep it simple. Most people fail when they try to complicate things. I try to take a minimal approach which is due to personal reasons and my location. I don’t live in the kind of place that’s busy so I don’t get a lot of chances to do layered shots or street photography. 

Samsung Galaxy S3 around 11:50am trying to have fun before a terrible class. I love the floors and the industrial feel of this building. Wanted to catch the reflective surfaces in this building.

Have fun and good night,


Another Chance

architecture photography

Just because everything around us has burned down doesn’t mean we have to. If you fail then treat your life after it a new one and work harder to have a better ending. We already started so we can’t any new beginning instead we can hope for a better ending. 

This was the result of a fire that engulfed the area blackening the building with ash and smoke. I captured the building before I’m sure it will be torn down to maybe put another building in its place. There is beauty in all buildings even burnt ones you just have to look at it in the right way.

Have fun and I hope you get a better ending,