Under Golden Light

architecture photography, street photography

I deeply enjoy exploring during the golden hour. I always let loose and pay attention to every sbubject to see how the light affects them. I love the way that shadows are displayed on this building and tthe softness of the left side in contrast to how dark and harsh the other side is. It’s been a while since I captured shots of buildings but it’s not out of choice in a way. I’m doing my best to explore the various photography genres. 

See the World

architecture photography, street photography

Don’t be afraid to explore, you never know what you could find. Life is boring if we always stay out and shrink up at the chance to experience a life changing adventure. Be courageous and get out of your comoft zone. 

House or home?


Moment in time captured with my Sony Cybershot. I was in a new area and liked the design of the house. It was a quiet neighborhood with no real traffic.

With this kind of photography you can never tell what is happening inside the subject you capture. Is it simply a house or is it a home? Who lives there, etc. So many unanswered questions but you cant drown in them. Capture your thoughts with the photograph.

Reminded of the 2pac song “Happy Home”. Have a great day and I hope you find your place, 



architecture photography, sky

I love to capture normal things from a different angle as I am able to capture different kinds of things like the roof of this building. 

This was done with my Samsung Galaxy S3. It was a hot afternoon so I chose not to turn this into a black and white photo. Exploring the proper use of color photography. 

Just capture the world as you see it. Sometimes you have to shoot from the hip and hope you capture something unexpected. You may be in a moving car or walking the streets trying to capture a moving target. It’s best to just shoot away St those moments rather than neglect your gut feeling to capture your subject.

You never know what you will find so always be open and follow your gut.




architecture photography

This is a shot of a church I used to pass a lot when I was a child. I took the shot from distance because I’ve never seen the building up close. I wanted to share how I have always seen the building. Thus the dark shadows included in the shot help me out.
I’ve been able to go back to places from my childhood which seems to do wonder for my mind. I’m now able to capture buildings that mean something to me. I hope to be able to capture even more before they are destroyed or redesigned.

This shot was done with my Cybershot. I’ve been using it even more I just have to carry extra batteries with me (it takes four). I simply love it because it gives me the opportunity to create my art and to show who I am truly are. 

Have fun!


Open Your Eyes

architecture photography

Sometimes we can find beautiful things to capture that we see every day. All it takes is to be in the right angle at the right time. We usually are numb to what we on an everyday basis so we might ignore some good shots. So the moral of the story is to keep your eyes open even when you are at home. Explore everything in your life and discover new shots. You have to be obsessed with your craft but not crazy. Work hard and you could be your niche’s Steph Curry. Just take the best shots you can possibly take and improve every single day.

This was taken with my Sony Cybershot on a hot evening. I made it black and white because it looked rougher. Also, I don’t like the pale pink color that my house is painted in. I thought this was a great angle to shoot from, it’s something different for me. Took a few shots from different angles and this one spoke out to me. I am taking more shots of residential houses and trying to figure out how to shoot them while keeping my style. It’s a learning process I am enjoying, even diving into product photography. I am exploring every niche, I am trying to improve in all areas. I feel like I taking a step towards progress everyday.

Keep shooting and keep consistent. Have a great day and have fun!


Reflecting on Photography

architecture photography

Found myself wandering around aiming my camera at whatever I find to be beautiful. I enjoy doing all kinds of photography. Others have made comments that I have an “eye” for architectural photography. So I do mainly focus on interior and exterior architectural photography but I do not limit myself. I do portraits and street a lot, I have been exploring abstract as well. I take photos everyday, normal I take about 100 photos a day. I am totally in love with the world of photography. I am studying the principles while developing my own styles and studying other photographers like my new favorite Connie Zhou.

It’s my true passion, I have even fallen in love with the editing process. I used to hate it but I know its a must have skill for art. After a while I enjoyed it, I stopped thinking I hated it and kept positive by saying it will improve the shot. Do you have a passion you enjoy on an everyday basis?

This shot was taken in the Winn Center at Cosumnes River College. I love the floor they feature in the building, it’s very reflective and works well with black and white. The building has a lot of industrial elements which I simply love. The teachers made it so some of the areas of the ceiling are not “complete” so we can see the duct work, etc. It is a very beautiful place I suggest everyone to go there and view it. I took this shot with my Samsung Galaxy S3.

Have fun exploring!