A piece of paper can not prepare anyone for this world. No one cares what college you graduate from but what knowledge you obtained from that college. Did you get any actual experience? The world is getting harder as entry level jobs now require experience most don’t have the chance to obtain as they are seeking entry level jobs.

I shot this with my Samsung Galaxy S3 from a  low angle so I could capture everything and add weight to the shot. The building appears to be looming over the viewer. In society we place so much value on getting to college but what happens when college is no longer the place it should be? That’s my idea for this shot, to emphasis the heaviness of colleges to students. I didn’t edit this shot besides change it to black and white as it added more depth (aka looked better).

This shot was featured on Cosumnes River College’s official Instagram, which made me happy as it was like they were accepting my photo as quality work they would showcase. My only problem is that they cropped the photo in a way I wish they didn’t.



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