Under Golden Light

architecture photography, street photography

I deeply enjoy exploring during the golden hour. I always let loose and pay attention to every sbubject to see how the light affects them. I love the way that shadows are displayed on this building and tthe softness of the left side in contrast to how dark and harsh the other side is. It’s been a while since I captured shots of buildings but it’s not out of choice in a way. I’m doing my best to explore the various photography genres. 

Just Create

architecture photography, interior architecture, street photography

As I explored the depths of my mind to make a decision that will impact my present and future. I took the time to take photos that I like. In doing so I was able to calm myself which helped me think. I proclaimed to myself that I wanted to take photos and write about them plus many other things. 

I have many creative outlets from my passion of writing like poetry, scriptwriting, research papers, blogging, etc. I love it and I get so focused on seeking validation from others when I simply just need to create. I am changing my work ethic to improve my artwork but also to improve the time of time I actually create. 

In the mornings, I am focused on light exercise and writing. I do photography for a while then back to writing. I run several blogs including this one, I update this one at random times, I update another twice a week, and one everyday. I need to be more organized and produce better and more frequently to ever to improve and to make my passions a career.

This shot respersents the steps I must take and have each pillar has a shadow that I must overcome. I may take longer than other people but this is my path and I just need to worry about what I am doing. Once I am further down my path it will be more colorful despite how neutral it may look now. 

Just focusing on move at a time,


One step at a time

architecture photography, street photography

Not focusing on the end goal. It’s much harder to do than one would think. Our mentors did it before but we have to learn to control our minds to progress. 

Everyday, I am taking little baby steps up the staircase. Never going back down or to the side. There is only up for me at this point. I may stand still at times but it’s a more positive outcome than taking steps back. 

Never step down,


Lines and learning from mistakes

architecture photography

Are so important in photography. In the beginning I wasn’t paying attention to vertical lines present in my shots. Until I watched a video by Jared Polin who discussed this. I noticed that my lines looked like they were falling back making the building feel like they were falling.

For a while I made sure that I paid attention to vertical lines but I stopped paying attention because it became natural. I improved so much by noticing slight mistakes and improving those mistakes by making corrections until I don’t make those mistakes again. 

You really just have to notice the little things because they can greatly improve yourself as a person, artist, and photographer or whatever you do. 

Be great never good,


Be Unstoppable 

architecture photography

I took this shot with my Cybershot in the rain using my umbrella to guard myself and my camera from the rain.I enjoy the reflections thanks to the puddles from the rain. 

 You shouldn’t use the weather as an excuse to not be active or to not take shots. Be a mailman and get out there. Someone that has true passion will go out and be unstoppable. 

If there’s will there’s a way. 

Have a great day,


Keep positive: A beautiful cloudy day

architecture photography

I noticed beautiful clouds and I knew this building might offer something more interesting. I took this shot and saw the clouds being shown on the building. I captured harsh shadows but very little it appears. I captured a little bit of the grittiness of the surrounding area which I love. 

I took this shot during the busiest time so I do have someone in motion in the shot. Took this with my Samsung Galaxy S3.

Your first 15 minutes in your morning should be not used and used to motivate you to not waste a single moment.

Have a good day and keep your head up,


No Excuses: Taking shots in any weather. 


It actually rained here for the first time in quite a while. It’s good as we are having a drought. Still managed to take shots while it was raining off and on. If you are afraid to hurt your camera then wrap it in a plastic bag and get your ass outside. 

No Excuses!  A basketball player will practice regardless of the rain as will as cyclist and many other people. While you are worrying about the rain someone else is out there having the time of their lives working their asses off for what they are passionate about. 

To be on a healthier life journey that I am on I have to stop making excuses. If I want to walk I walk, if I want to take photos I take photos no matter what. It’s excuses and fear that leads to failure. I know I will fail at times but I refuse to be a failure. I will win and be a champion so I will never make excuses again. 

Be your own hero and get moving,


Study light and go for what you want to take photos of


Photography basically means “Drawing with Light”. So that should help you understand that light is a very important element of photography. It can make or break your photo. You can manipulate it to the point you can control it.

The basics point is you must study light. Understand what soft light is, what harsh light is, what golden hour is, etc. Study light! 

Finally take photos that you want to take not the ones that will do the best on Instagram. Focus on your art not likes and follows. 

This was done in the afternoon with my Cybershot. This is harsh light which I try to avoid but I use it when I need to or want to. 

Capture your art and live your life,


Dedicate time to build yourself 


The only way to improve our lives and to improve our work is to take time to work on ourselves. Our work is our reflection. If we are angry it shows, when we are depressed it shows, when we are in love it shows, etc. We have to improve ourselves as our work typically willimprove once we discover who we truly are. You have to be consistent and you have to be courageous.

So even if you are afraid you must still act. Open up a book, sit at your desk with your electronics, go take a walk. Take the time to ask all the important questions if you discover something then quickly act before your motivation falls flat. Go out there, improve yourself and naturally so will your work. But it takes hard work and a ton of practice in the dark to truly improve.

Good luck,