It actually rained here for the first time in quite a while. It’s good as we are having a drought. Still managed to take shots while it was raining off and on. If you are afraid to hurt your camera then wrap it in a plastic bag and get your ass outside. 

No Excuses!  A basketball player will practice regardless of the rain as will as cyclist and many other people. While you are worrying about the rain someone else is out there having the time of their lives working their asses off for what they are passionate about. 

To be on a healthier life journey that I am on I have to stop making excuses. If I want to walk I walk, if I want to take photos I take photos no matter what. It’s excuses and fear that leads to failure. I know I will fail at times but I refuse to be a failure. I will win and be a champion so I will never make excuses again. 

Be your own hero and get moving,



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