Trying my best to keep my head up through the new challenges in my life. Striving to get my photography out there to spread my art and my name. Exploring new avenues like pinterest to try to get out there more. I have a lot to learn, the downside to being a friendless introvert is that you always start at 0. I’m learning to be more social especially in real life and Instagram. Currently, I have 72 followers on instragram and 2 for this blog. When I woke up this morning I had 75 followers. I often see that number rise and fall rather quickly at times although it hasn’t dropped past 70 since I passed the number. It taught me to not really care about my follower count and just focus on improving my craft and to leave honest comments on other photographers photos.

Besides that I fully understand I need to market more. I need to socalize more with other photographers and to be on other social media platforms. I m loving this process as I know I am puting true had work into my passion. Quitting is not acceptable to me,blood, sweet, and tears are. So basically I am going to keep pushing through all the bs and keep my eyes focused on my dreams. Someday I hope to be a known photographer who has his own style and beautiful art.

 Hope you create beautiful things!



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