Sometimes it is the best option to simply stand there and observe your subject. They might do something you don’t expect. You should do the same when you are doing architectural photography as you might just see something interesting. Don’t just assume that there is nothing interesting about a plain building or room. You could just miss the best shot of your life.

This shot was done in the Learning Resource Center at Cosumnes River College during summer semester so there are no people in the shot. I loved the lighting used in this building so I found a moment to capture several times. I took multiple shots from different angles to see which one is the right one. I believe I chose the right one after some debate with myself. Everything was reflective so it was nice. Best thing was I didn’t have to look out for myself in the any of the reflective¬†surfaces.

I took this picture with my Samsung Galaxy S3, once again this was before I was given my Cybershot. I love all my cameras expect for the point and shoot cameras. I just love taking pictures and capturing moments because even buildings don’t last forever.So appreciate whatever equipment you have because your gear doesn’t matter. The only thing that truly matters is how much practice you put in and how much you truly see your subjects.


Have a great day and have fun



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