Peace With You

Took this shot inside the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco with my Samsung J7 Sky. It’s a simple shot but it truly represents the atmosphere present in the garden.

I had a pretty decent day at work. I was able to get a lot done and make a decent plan for me to try to implement. I’ve made sure to cut out some distractions and cut off excess baggage that I don’t really need in my life.

Haven’t heard from any employers so I’m continuing to apply to new jobs. Was told today that everyone in my department will be getting 40 hours a week for a while. Which I hate but I love because I can earn a bit more money. I’ve started to make a schedule on things I want to buy in order to make sure I can take care of myself and stay independent plus financially secure.

I’m still in the stock market, slightly worried because of the negative news and some of the YouTubers I’ve watch have sold their stocks and bought new ones. I’m staying the course now as I really don’t want to take a loss on my investments. I’ll still put some money in every paycheck but I will be cautious and adapt to the market.

Looking for a new phone too. Haha I’ve been rough with the J7 to the point that the front camera is wrecked and the camera quality isn’t that good anymore, the speaker is shot, and there is a lag whenever I receive a call. Thinking about trying out an iphone but I’m still deciding on that.

Going to go all tomorrow as well. I’m off so I can have an even more productive day.

Have fun and peace,


New Places

Shot of the entrance to the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco. I was able to take this shot as it was right after it opened. Luckily for me not a lot of people were there and I was taking one of my friends there for the first time. It’s a simple architecture shot of a place with such peace and beauty that’s hard to create. I like the empty space on the upper left side, it helps give the shot balance as below it the shot is crowded.

Finished 3 hours out of a four hour shift as I was just done with the people and the place. I have work tomorrow at 4:30 am, then two days off. I’m going to be applying to so many jobs and annoying people until I can find a job with a better work environment and a better life and work balance.

Still not certain where I’m going with this site or my life. I’m growing my audience slowly which is how it should be but at times I get impatient. Can’t say that I enjoy social media like Instagram & Facebook. It’s the shit in my sandwich that I have to tolerate to get anywhere as a photographer, writer, and whatever else I choose to pursue.

I know that I have to work harder and I’m doing my best in order to do that. I’ve been studying too much and need to focus on this site and my other endeavors. Now is kind of the perfect time since we can’t really go anywhere due to the virus. I’m tired of this life and I really need to make the effort to escape. So before I hit the hay, I’ll be reading, cleaning my room, organizing my room, exercising, answering questions I have for myself, preparing for tomorrow, and formulating a strategy to implement.

That’s it for me for now, I have to get things cracking. I’m thinking about experimenting with the format of my posts but we will see. Gotta go to new places!

Thank you for your time,



Bruce Lee street art I captured on one of my trips to San Francisco. It’s okay shot, I remember struggling to not capture the story next to the wall. I will try to level up my editing game and get rid of the parking meter.

The title of this post was inspired by a Bruce Lee quote. “There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.”. I find myself struggling with developing a fitness plan plus a career in photography and writing. I am still working hard to discipline myself, I have to change my diet and start exercising regularly before it’s too late.

I’m not going to allow myself to stay on this plateau for long. Going to be investing into a new diet plan and weights to improve my workouts. I’ve been thinking about buying a bike but there were no options at my store as people have been buying them like crazy. Will have to get back to practicing boxing as well. The key will be sticking with a new diet even when I’m at work.

I realize that what I want to do in life is going to take a hell lot of effort and hard work. I have to fully commit myself and pursue it everyday no matter what. I have to get it through my thick ass skull that I need to get uncomfortable and work. Nothing is going to fall on my lap. The time is now or I’ll forever regret it when I lay on my deathbed.

I wish you all success and a good time,



A random shot I took while exploring San Francisco for the first time. It’s been in my “to-edit” folder for a year and a half. Felt like it was time to edit it and to display it. Not much to say about it, I like to capture neglected items.

I didn’t crash right after work, I’m proud of myself for that. I did still take a nap but that was 2 hours after work. It’s progress! I only went to bed hoping that I would sleep for longer and wake up around 11 or midnight. However, only managed to sleep for about 3 hours. Will have to crash pretty soon as I have the 4:30am shift tomorrow.

Was able to get a little reading done, studied a bit of Korean, and a little bit of other studying done. So far it’s the most productive that I’ve had on a 7am to 4am shift at work. Will continue to push myself but thankfully I’ll be getting more 4:30am shifts from now on. Ah, was able to apply to a few jobs but I haven’t heard anything back yet. Will continue to apply and see if I can work elsewhere.

For now, chase your ideal self. Peace,


Simple Times

Just a simple street in Chinatown SF. It’s dirty, but somehow it’s still beautiful. I sometimes like to capture normal aspects of life and this street fulfills that habit.

Finally, was able to read volume one and two of The Promised Neverland. It was so much better than I thought it was going to be. I will definitely try to watch the anime in the future. Was able to do some studying of writing and investing. Going to be setting up a routine in order to better study and implement lessons that I learned on both topics.

Pushed myself to do a little more exercising than normal and started practicing boxing again which worked up a good sweat. That was about it, I’ve been reading for the last two hours which was pretty nice. It’s a perfect way to slowly prepare myself to sleep. I go back to work tomorrow from 7am to 4pm and I work until Tuesday with a one day break then back to work for a day and then a two day break. So I’m going to have to push myself not to crash after work. I know I will likely fail but if I do I’ll simply fall forward and improve each day.

Just like today, I forced myself to read and I enjoyed the experience. I pushed myself to study writing and was able to learn quite a bit. Hopefully if things work out I’ll be taking a writing course that will help me improve further.

For now, push yourselves and be willing to deal with risk. Peace,



Was in Chinatown when I looked up and saw this street sign. Felt like a little piece of home. It’s a simple shot that I feel has a decent composition.

Did a lot of work for my E-Bay side hustle while being able to take my motorcycle out for a long ride. In the morning, I made sure to check my stocks. So far so good, it’s up and down a lot but right now its steadily going up. Wasn’t able to find time to read the investing book but before I go to bed I will crack it open. Will also continue Joy at Work and try to read The Promised Neverland.

Made some key decisions today that I won’t share until I follow through with them. Each one will change my life either way. Also I thought about where I want to go and how I want to get there. Set a deadline to achieve these goals and if I fail then I’ll have to do something else. All it’s going to take is effort and hard work and maybe a little passion infused with luck. Now I have to get to it and start paving my path.

Enjoy your life,



A building with a cool design in San Francisco CA that I helped to walk past on my way to a bus stop. I cropped the shot to make the building look bigger and to try to get rid of a few unnecessary details. I like this shot but every time I edit photos from my trips to San Francisco it makes me want to go.

I still don’t have a definitive direction for this blog but I am learning towards making it a lifestyle blog and changing the domain name to fit that. I launched a new blog to discuss/critically review all forms of Japanese entertainment. It’s on a free plan but in the future I will upgrade it if the interest is there and I continue to love doing it. Haven’t made my first post yet but will do so tomorrow.

Also will be setting up a portfolio site using the domain name for this site. I may try and use square space for that but I will have to experiment with that platform.

I’m starting to realize my faults….I realized the error of my ways and have been innocent to the adult world despite being 28. I need to do things my own way, to actually do rather than just sit on research or constantly ask questions but being satisfied with just being told the answer.

Just go to do what I want to do despite how hard I will have to work and the fear from having to engage in conversations and put myself out there. Been watching “Community” on Netflix and on the side note watched Donald Glover being real for 4 minutes. He stated something like what I said above this paragraph and it really resonated with me. I really need to get my shit together and live before I’m in the ground as it is getting bad.

Now off to do some shit that I’ve got to do. Peace,



Took a moment while waiting for the light to change to capture this Banana Republic. I really liked how it looked so I wanted to captured it in the best way that I could. Tried to experiment with a new wide angle lens. I think it’s okay but might try to get rid of the black on the edges.

Had a tough day at work but managed to get through it and get some things done. Did read a little bit of “Joy at Work” and will read “The Promised Neverland” tomorrow since I am off. I find it hard to read anything while on my lunch break as a lot of my co-workers talk their heads off in the break room. Can’t fault them, so I just use my breaks to do research and to study stocks or catch up to my YouTube watch later list (sometimes both at the same time).

Thinking about upgrading from my Nikon D3300, will have to do some research on that subject but there is also a lens I’ve been looking at for the camera that would hopefully be better than the standard kit lens that I have been using. However, might want on both unless I can find anything on sale. Without further ado, I’ll end it here and wish you all a safe day/night.



A Little Change

A shot of Alcatraz after a long day of walking. I would love to get closer to the island and possibly go inside once I have that kind of space cash. It’s a simple shot I took tho remember the time and to test out my camera settings as well as how far I can push my camera. Bought have to look into telephoto lenses and some more lenses for street photography as I am still using the kit lens.

Working on re-designing this site and I’m closer to deciding the direction of this blog. I still need to think some things through and develop a strategy. I did decide how many sites that I’ll want to start and the direction for each site. I’ll be dedicating my days off to developing more sites and this one as well as looking for another job.

Going to keep this short and cut it here. I’m working hard to improve myself and my life a little each day.

Stay you,


A shot of the previous subject from another angle. I happen to like this one a little more as it has more depth.

Wasn’t able to get much done today as I crashed hard after hard. Had the 6:30am-3:30pm shift and tomorrow I have the 4am – 1pm shift. So I had to cram as much in as I could in order to have a somewhat successful day.

Studied stocks, reviewed katakana, applied to jobs, and edited photos which is pretty all much all I did after I got home besides sleep and game. I’ve been struggling deciding the direction of this blog and figuring out if I should just start another one but a lifestyle blog. First thing, I will have to figure out is what direction should I take with this blog. Tomorrow, I will think heavily about this and decide.

For now, I have to crash again as I have to get up at 3am. Peace and stay sane,