Lonely road 

street photography

I attended a webinar on how to use photography to help people with depression and anxiety. I do suffer from depression but it’s not as bad as it used to be. I take photos that please me and each one has a certain meaning for me. I love to tell stories but i would rather show them. 

I’m on a path like the woman in the shot. It’s lonely, dark, and cold. But it’s the road I’ve chosen to go as it’s the path I have chosen to create. This photo represents the story of the path we must go through to get where we want to go. Often we are alone but that doesn’t mean you don’t have support. If you need it I’m sure there will be a hand to hold on. Real friends and family shows up when you truly need them no matter what. 

Go down your path and do better,


Keep moving and do something you fear everyday

street photography

The path we normally take is the one with the least amount of risk. Even if we beat the odds we will have our dream life. We are fearful creatures but fear is created by ourselves which means we can destroy it ourselves 

My fear is photographing models so I try to spend more time taking photos of people to improve. I’m spending time working on my art and social skills. I do something I fear everyday because I want to improve and become the greatest version of myself as a man and as a photographer.

Fear nothing and be there greatest version of yourself,


Make it through

architecture photography, interior architecture

There is always light in your life even when you are being engulfed by the darkness. Open your eyes, focus and steady yourself. The darkness can be beaten just master your mind. See the light that shines through the darkest parts of life. Never give in and just keeping moving forward until you can just run as freely as you possibly can.

Taken today with my Samsung Galaxy S3. I knew the type of shot that I wanted so I waited and was able to capture it. I was rewarded for my patience. Turned it black and white to enhance the shot.

Really had a great day and it’s still getting better with about 12 minutes left. About to write like crazy and I might discover something new while having fun.

Find your light,




Our path may be filled with light or shadows but if there is love it doesn’t matter. If you are passionate about something it doesn’t matter what path you take as long as you have the heart to endure. And remember not every path in life is straight.

This was taken with my Samsung Galaxy s3. I was thinking about paths and this shot really came to me at the right time. 

Whatever you take I hope you achieve happiness and true success. Aim high and live,




September 11th is my birthday, I turned 25. Was going to have a baf day but it developed into a good one. The main reason was due to my change of thought. Today is the day I change. I will be the best version of myself and improve every day.

This shot was done with my Cybershot at 7pm. The model is my younger sister. I was just getting used to taking shots with a model outside of architectural photography. The best thing about having siblings is you have models that work for free.

Have a great dag

Light in your life

interior architecture

No matter how hard life gets just keep moving forward. If you have to fall then fall forward so when you get back up you will be ahead. Be positive and go out there to get what you want without hiding who you truly are. 

This was done inside Lowe’s, which is a hardware store. I shot it with my ZTE phone. I wanted to emphasize the lighting while working with a human rather than architecture. I’m enjoying the new struggle of adding human elements to my interior shots. Sometimes it works other times it doesn’t. It’s all about how much I get out there and shoot. The message is there is always light in your life even though you may not see it.

I just got done doing a session outside with a model. It was the first time I worked with a model who wanted me to shoot their photos. They would like me to shoot portraits of them in the future. So I’m very excited, I will make a post about it sometime soon.

Have a great night/day,