No matter how hard life gets just keep moving forward. If you have to fall then fall forward so when you get back up you will be ahead. Be positive and go out there to get what you want without hiding who you truly are. 

This was done inside Lowe’s, which is a hardware store. I shot it with my ZTE phone. I wanted to emphasize the lighting while working with a human rather than architecture. I’m enjoying the new struggle of adding human elements to my interior shots. Sometimes it works other times it doesn’t. It’s all about how much I get out there and shoot. The message is there is always light in your life even though you may not see it.

I just got done doing a session outside with a model. It was the first time I worked with a model who wanted me to shoot their photos. They would like me to shoot portraits of them in the future. So I’m very excited, I will make a post about it sometime soon.

Have a great night/day,



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