D22 – Darkness Will Fall

DSC05446-01.jpeg“Not every day will be good but there is good in everyday” – Winnie the Pooh. Darkness will fall upon you but you can beat it when you remember your goals and where you want to be. I remind myself of this whenever I start to doubt myself. I’m doing my best and it is working slowly. I’m much better mentally now than I was ever before.

I accomplished a lot today but can do so much more. However, I work until I have accomplished what I need to rather than go to sleep and continue tomorrow. It’s helped me realize how to use my time better and what kind of media to consume as well as what and when to study subjects.

The photo represents this time of self doubt creeping inside of you especially when you look at yourself hence the reflection present thanks to the water. However, just because the world is dark doesn’t mean you have to be. I like dark things as you may be aware of if you have followed this blog for a while. I am not a cruel person nor a dark person for this. I like what I like as you do. Never lose sight to the light of your life (passion +purpose).

Enjoy the process,


Day 7 – Failure

Yesterday, on day 7th I failed to upload a post. I will not make any excuses and will accept this L on my part. I was sad apart this mistake, however, I promised myself it would never happen again. I’ve failed so much in life already at 26 years old and sometimes it feels like its too much. Self-doubt still haunts me like calling a teacher mom or being embrassed in front of the class because of the way you talk. I’m stronger than ever before because I can destroy the bad dialogue shortly after it begins. It’s not all the way gone, but I am working so hard on it. Always remembering my motto, baby steps into giant strides.

This photo showcases recent failure as I go back to explore old subjects with a similar style of dark/neo-noir images. I do like heavy shadows and darkness, I may not always get it right but I am doing work that I love.

Baby steps into giant strides,


Still here

There are still pay phones all around the college I attend. I have always wanted to capture one. On that day, I happened to find one in a wonderful area and snapped away. I love the darkness around it but also the light of the bricks. Going to start a project where I capture objects and places that are no longer relevant in the society we live in but were apart of my childhood. 

The second picture is of course of a dark hall. I like dark interiors and using contrast of black and white as if they are fighting each other to be the dominate one in the shot. 

One photo and One word at a time

It’s basically one step at a time. Don’t focus on more than one photo until you are done with that photo. Don’t try to do to much and simply explore. 

Writing is a breeze at times but other times the blank plank is haunting. The first sentence has to be written a dozen of times because it just doesn’t feel right. Whenever I write I write with no goals and simply focus on one word at a time. I never edit while I write, I let every word go and when I’m finished them I edit. 

I never edit a photo on the spot I keep taking shots and put the great photo I’ve just taken to the side. If you are having troubles with writing or photography just focus on one word or photo at a time. It’s okay to struggle as you become better by doing so. 

This photo was taken at my college as I was exploring as the light darkened. A woman was walking and I simply wanted to capture her silhouette as she walked her path. 

Have a great day/night,


Celebration of Day to Night

As I got of the car, I noticed my surroundings. The restaurant is surrounded by trees and empty fields besides a newly built apartment complex. The colors were fresh but I chose to ignore them as they didn’t shine as the day dies. 

I took a shot from a lower angle of a building and a tree. I hoped to capture the change of night and day through nature and architecture. I love dark images thus the decision to turn the shot into a black and white one. 

I didn’t capture much that day but I caught the shot that I wanted. You have to celebrate the little things sometimes. 

Stay safe and have fun,



Was exploring downtown Sacramento wih my family. Saw this couple and decided to capture them in the sour of the moment. They were kind, our paths crossed a few times. I caught this around 7pm with the light fading I decided to tone it down by making it black and white. it also shows we don’t know where this couple will be tomorrow or the years to come. Thus the heavy shadows really add to that factor. 

Be more consistent,