It’s basically one step at a time. Don’t focus on more than one photo until you are done with that photo. Don’t try to do to much and simply explore. 

Writing is a breeze at times but other times the blank plank is haunting. The first sentence has to be written a dozen of times because it just doesn’t feel right. Whenever I write I write with no goals and simply focus on one word at a time. I never edit while I write, I let every word go and when I’m finished them I edit. 

I never edit a photo on the spot I keep taking shots and put the great photo I’ve just taken to the side. If you are having troubles with writing or photography just focus on one word or photo at a time. It’s okay to struggle as you become better by doing so. 

This photo was taken at my college as I was exploring as the light darkened. A woman was walking and I simply wanted to capture her silhouette as she walked her path. 

Have a great day/night,



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