Working on photos that I really enjoy taking. This is a project of self discovery. I am taking shots that I feel like represent my likes and style. I love the contrast between light and darkness. Really want to explore contrast between black and white vs bright colors like Tim Burton achieved in Sweeny Todd

I’m making drastic changes to my life that are inspiring to carry on. I was raised by people who always did things at the very last minute or not at all. I’ve decided to do things faster and more on time. I eat healthier with less portions. I turn the TV for hours now. The only time it’s on is when I watch relevant videos on YouTube, when the Warriors or Kings play, when I play video games with my little cousin and when it’s 10pm and I allow myself to watch movies and dramas. 

All these changes are new but I am ensuring my success by changing habits. I’m more in touch with who I truly am which is making me feel better throughout the day. I don’t feel like I am wasting my day or time anymore. I have also been taking my DSLR with me more. As I am exploring my creativity and developing my personal style with it. 

Overall I learned there is still a light on at the end of the hall telling me I still have time.

Follow your heart,



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