Life is a Complex Beauty

architecture photography, black and white photography

I find comfort and risk in taking photos like this one. It is a simple photo of a darkened hallway but I find myself drawn to taking these kind of shots. I like the beauty of the darkness and gorgeous contrast of the light finding it’s place in the hall. I have a few photos on my bedroom wall so I can always look and reflect on certain shots. A lot of them look like this or have similar effects. I am proud of myself and proud of how far I’ve come from my childhood point and shoot days.

For a moment there I was struggling with self doubt but still kept my head up. I had to really take a step back and tell my self doubt that “I’ve got this”. It’s worked so far. It’s a struggle but I will continue to pursue my freedom. Sure, I’ll get lost at times but I will just pave another path until the day I can truly say that I am free and that I am home.

Day 1 – Reflection

black and white photography, street photography

Was playing around while waiting for my food to be served. Saw that a beer sign was reflecting on my phone and I snapped a shot with my d3300. I failed again so I restarted as I know I was not in the right place to blog last night.

I went to San Francisco yesterday and spent four hours in Japantown spending my check away. Before we stood in line for my first ever concert: Babymetal with Avatar at the Warfield. It was an awesome show, I loved the experience and hope to be again to see both bands again in the future. I will write an more in-depth post about the concert tomorrow when I get off work. Working hard on myself and saying yes to new situations.



Day 84 – Float

black and white photography, street photography


Caught this today on my daily walk when I looked down and the puddles as I came closer. I’ve taken a few shots like this before but this time the leaf is submerged into the water with the stem sticking out. Plus the sky was a beautiful blue with a good amount of clouds which helps this shot stand out more. I love the¬†loneliness feeling this shot gives off. It’s really relevant to what I’ve gone through in the past. I will continue to explore this world and take the photos that I want to take.

Today, I was able to do more earlier and was more productive than normal. I am loving the process as I am feeling so much better than I did last week. Sure, there are areas that I still need to improve. I’m working on a lot of things and transforming bad habits with good ones. I’ve been practicing meditation right after I wake up. It has helped me be less distracted, have better control of my breath and allows me to think.

I’ve discovered some more things about myself that I will examine and relay in the future. Right now I am focused on dedicating myself to my craft and to self development. Not the motivational speeches but by putting in work mentally and physically. I’m awakening to my potential and I will not allow myself to waste my life. I will win because I can and I must.

Reflect on the you now,


D56 – Clueless Foundation

black and white photography, nature, nature photography


Experimenting with flowers early in the morning. You must have a solid foundation before you go onto the beauty that you will build upon your base. It’s a process I am working on diligently every single day.

I failed a lot but I have micro success that help me keep going. I’m happy and motivated to get this crazy train called life moving along on a path that I build with my bare hands.



Day 38 – Delete: Journey of Discovery

architecture photography, interior architecture

IMG_20180203_160057Had a heart-to-heart conversation with myself and examined my photography. I understand I have a long way to go and that I still need to focus on the type of photography I truly want to do. I deleted photos from my instagrams, I had delete over 300 photos and was left with about 79. It made me realize that I haven’t been doing anything to improve. A lot of my shots are not straight, sometimes I focus too much on editing and not the shot itself. It’s all things that I will work on from now on. I went out and shot some basic photos at WalMart. I was able to see some problems and I have decided on what genres of photography that I actually want to do.

By no means, will I quit photography. I will however start to explore what photography truly means to me and have it be reflected in my work. One element that really inspired me was reading Stanley Kubrick’s biography on Wikipedia. I was able to see what he did and how he started. Say what you will about his films, but the man is a legend and he simply grabbed a camera and shot. I was left speechless in a way, I don’t like all his films, however, I do like his camera work. He was able to create the way he wanted and wasn’t lazy about it. Most importantly, he was a shy introvert as well. It showed me just because you are shy and quiet doesn’t mean you can’t become a remarkable photographer or a legendary film director.

From this, I decided to focus on what I want rather than what is so easily available to me. I deleted a lot of photos that were simply taken because I wanted to update my Instagram and this blog. However, that will stop now. I will focus on improving and taking my time with each shot to communicate what I want and to capture shots that have a true impact.

The photo above was an experiment I conducted in Lightroom. It was my first time using Lightroom and I explored it heavily. I like the blue tones that Guillermo Del Toro adds to his films and wanted to borrow it to see if I could make it my own. I am happy with my outcome for the simple fact that the photo is straight, I love the diversity of the colors. I do notice flaws in the shot and will continue to work on it and my photography overall.

Dare yourself to critique yourself without putting yourself down,


Life as it is

architecture photography, street photography

I don’t live in a big city nor do I live near downtown. So I grew up taking photos of trees, machines, animals, etc. It’s what was available to me as a child. I have evolved, I know take photos of people, nature, machines, buildings, objects, etc. I am much better than when I was a child but back then I was free from self doubt. Which is something we take for granted at that age. I think about my drive back then and hope to build something similar to it so I can evolve even more as an artist, photographer and most importantly as a man. 

On a rainy I traveled with my family to get groceries. I caught this in-between wiping my phone dry and walk-in joyfully under raindrops. I love the darkness present it helps bring out the light of the shot. Thanks to the rain there is a reflection of the darker subjects in the shot. With the reflection it gives the main building a sense of completeness. 

I love the rain,


Commit to it and capture the shot you want 

architecture photography, interior architecture

You have to take pictures that you want to take. At times if you have a client they may want you to take a shot you don’t want to take. It’s okay to satisfy the clients desires but show them your way as well. Give them more than one option and show them pictures you desired to take. You never know they may like your ideas more than theirs. 

You have to be committed to the shot, you may have to stand there to capture the right shot. You may have to wait for someone to walk into the frame. It takes patience sometimes to make a great photograph.

This shot was taken with my Cybershot in the afternoon. I like looking at this hall. The floor is very reflective, there’s wall art, straight lines in different angles. I sat there and took a few shots until I felt like it was right. 

Commit to excellence!


3peat: Keep going until you get it right

architecture photography

I keep taking shots of this building as I want to capture it different ways each time. I was standing there looking and shooting. When I noticed someone waiting for me to stop. I told it’s okay to go into the building. He smiled and walked on. He was polite, he was able to help me capture a new photo. I enjoy his shadow and the buildings reflective surface. 

This was done with my Cybershot. Been using it everyday and taking it to school with me everyday even when I have tennis. 

Moral of the story is to keep shooting until you get it right. Sometimes it takes more than one visit. Truly explore your subject and you’ll find new and interesting aspects of it.

Have a great time living,




Took this with my Galaxy S3. I took a picture of this building before but I wanted it capture it with softer shadows and closer. I enjoy the glass and the fact someone was entering the building when I captured it so the doors are ajar.

You can always return to recapture subject most of the time. It’s best to capture as many shots until you are satisfied. Never take any subject for granted. We don’t know how much time each subject has before something happens or how much time we have. 

Good luck out there cowboys and cowgirls,