Life is a Complex Beauty

I find comfort and risk in taking photos like this one. It is a simple photo of a darkened hallway but I find myself drawn to taking these kind of shots. I like the beauty of the darkness and gorgeous contrast of the light finding it’s place in the hall. I have a few photosContinue reading “Life is a Complex Beauty”

Day 1 – Reflection

Was playing around while waiting for my food to be served. Saw that a beer sign was reflecting on my phone and I snapped a shot with my d3300. I failed again so I restarted as I know I was not in the right place to blog last night. I went to San Francisco yesterdayContinue reading “Day 1 – Reflection”

Day 84 – Float

Caught this today on my daily walk when I looked down and the puddles as I came closer. I’ve taken a few shots like this before but this time the leaf is submerged into the water with the stem sticking out. Plus the sky was a beautiful blue with a good amount of clouds whichContinue reading “Day 84 – Float”

D56 – Clueless Foundation

Experimenting with flowers early in the morning. You must have a solid foundation before you go onto the beauty that you will build upon your base. It’s a process I am working on diligently every single day. I failed a lot but I have micro success that help me keep going. I’m happy and motivatedContinue reading “D56 – Clueless Foundation”

Day 38 – Delete: Journey of Discovery

Had a heart-to-heart conversation with myself and examined my photography. I understand I have a long way to go and that I still need to focus on the type of photography I truly want to do. I deleted photos from my instagrams, I had delete over 300 photos and was left with about 79. ItContinue reading “Day 38 – Delete: Journey of Discovery”

Life as it is

I don’t live in a big city nor do I live near downtown. So I grew up taking photos of trees, machines, animals, etc. It’s what was available to me as a child. I have evolved, I know take photos of people, nature, machines, buildings, objects, etc. I am much better than when I wasContinue reading “Life as it is”

Commit to it and capture the shot you want 

You have to take pictures that you want to take. At times if you have a client they may want you to take a shot you don’t want to take. It’s okay to satisfy the clients desires but show them your way as well. Give them more than one option and show them pictures youContinue reading “Commit to it and capture the shot you want “

3peat: Keep going until you get it right

I keep taking shots of this building as I want to capture it different ways each time. I was standing there looking and shooting. When I noticed someone waiting for me to stop. I told it’s okay to go into the building. He smiled and walked on. He was polite, he was able to helpContinue reading “3peat: Keep going until you get it right”


Took this with my Galaxy S3. I took a picture of this building before but I wanted it capture it with softer shadows and closer. I enjoy the glass and the fact someone was entering the building when I captured it so the doors are ajar. You can always return to recapture subject most ofContinue reading “Reborn”