I don’t live in a big city nor do I live near downtown. So I grew up taking photos of trees, machines, animals, etc. It’s what was available to me as a child. I have evolved, I know take photos of people, nature, machines, buildings, objects, etc. I am much better than when I was a child but back then I was free from self doubt. Which is something we take for granted at that age. I think about my drive back then and hope to build something similar to it so I can evolve even more as an artist, photographer and most importantly as a man. 

On a rainy I traveled with my family to get groceries. I caught this in-between wiping my phone dry and walk-in joyfully under raindrops. I love the darkness present it helps bring out the light of the shot. Thanks to the rain there is a reflection of the darker subjects in the shot. With the reflection it gives the main building a sense of completeness. 

I love the rain,



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