We all face dark times. It is during these dark times that we truly shine or burn out. Happy moments may be challenging but they are nothing compared to the darkness of life. 

I’m in a dark period that seems like an era. Been here so long I wonder if I placed it upon myself. I realized my passions recently but apart of me already knew about them. Self doubt runs wild but I’m shooting it down with positive thinking. It’s a struggle but I’m so looking forward to the journey to step into the light per se. 

I’m facing my dark times I’m scared and nervous but I’m not giving up. I want my dream life and I want to follow my passions to the very end. Never going to stop until I drop dead. 

This photo was taken near a river in downtown Sacramento. The woman was taking selfies and wasting quality daylight on that task. Everyone has their own habits. I made the photo dark as it looks better and I feel happier with it. 

Face your dark times head on,



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