I believe life is about love. Yes, I’m a romantic yet I’m not just talking about having a partner. We have many lives in life that defines ourselves. We love some kind of music, some kind of actress or actor, we love nature, we love some activity, we love the quiet or loud moments, etc. We need more love in this world. I was once consumed by hate and sadness in the form of a coldness that would sweep over my body. I lost apart of myself to it, I was a shell of a human. It was painful to not feel anything. I came to the realization it’s okay to love. I built myself up to be more of myself and to be a stronger version of myself. I accepted that I was a romantic and other things. 
It’s fully okay to be who you are, you will feel truly alive when you do. I hope you might the right choices and the petals of your flower dont fall soon. 

Have you made any choices that make you feel proud today,



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