If you can’t then maybe you are doing the wrong thing for the wrong reasons. We focus too much on money although it’s understandable. I’m simply wanting to be financially stable. It’s also a fact that we are greedy. We always want more which leads to our downfall or a lesser future. People who do things only for money often sacrifice relationships and end up being miserable. 

I used to do things just for the money but after much meditation and deep thinking. I realized it wasn’t what I wanted, I want to change the world and tell good stories. To inspire and to evoke emotion from whoever consumes my craft. 

I get lost when I do photography, paint, and write. Basically, whenever I create I lose myself. I’m talented in evoking emotion and placing myself in someone else’s shoes. I believe it’s called empathic intelligence. I was so lost thinking for my passions when I already had them and never really thought about how to make money from them. This realization led to more deep thinking. 

I started to remember all my school years and what made me happy to do. I tuned the world out when I wrote and read books. I dominated bigger kids on the court and fields with my athletic ability. Making a teenage girl smile after crying her eyes out in class when I wrote a rap for her. Watching my animated shorts come alive was a beautiful experience. I get lost in creating and presenting my work to the world. 

Do you get lost?



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