D6: The Challenge of Decisions

Didn’t have the best day for the most part but it turned around when I simply decided it had to. I found more pain from inner dialogue than anything physical. It took me a while to come to grips of what I have been doing since the moment I graduated high school. That is allowing myself to run around in circles without an end to sight. I keep on returning to things because I wouldn’t make a true decision. I have had enough of it, there will never be a time where I don’t want to do a thousand things. I have to be okay with that and be willing to understand that the only bad decision I could make is indecision. That’s not me anymore, I am making small decisions everyday and sticking with them while preparing to handle larger decisions as time goes on to avoid my circle.

This photo truly represents what I was feeling a few moments before writing this post. I did not intend for it to represent what it does it jst so happened I took the right photo on the right day.


Enjoy yourself and make sure to take care of your health. Live free and strong. Took these photos before christmas while I was waiting for someone to finish shopping. The photos look chaotic on purpose, to repersent the hectic time known as the holidays. I love the reflective floors of this store. Anyway, I’m working hard to express myself and to improve myself every single day.

Merry Christmas & happy new year,


When Life is Cold

We have have a time in life when everything bad that could happen did happen. Right now, I am in this period. I have a lot of problems that are slowly crushing my shoulders with no real solution in sight. Thus this is why I decided to capture an appliance isle in a hardware store. It repersents the coldness of life through lifeless objects surrounded by steel. I feel a certain coldness from this shot like a few other of my photos. 

When life is cold, you can’t give up. Instead of sitting on my ass, I’m changing for the better. Going through self development and discovery while tackling each of my problems one at at ime. There are moments where I crash but I set up motivational objects all around me. My wallpaper for my Cellphone is a motivatonal quote, my tablet is the same as is my ps4. I have photos of my own hanging on my wall to remind me of my artistic goals. No where in my room or life can I be without being reminded of what I am suppose to be doing and why. You may slip but get up. If there is a wall, smash through the wall. It’s all a journey, so its not going to take a day to fully change but it all starts with one step one change. One simple change can lead to more small changes that end up becoming a big change. 

Baby steps turn into giant strides,


Lights and industrial play

Explored a hardware store and find a lot of subjects to shoot. Took this with my Samsung Galaxy S3. It’s easier to take shots while staying invisible as possible. 

Worked with lighting, would have liked to expose the shadow more. I’m going to work on that in the future. Had a lot of fun just going around and shooting in this store.

Have fun too!


Lines and learning from mistakes

Are so important in photography. In the beginning I wasn’t paying attention to vertical lines present in my shots. Until I watched a video by Jared Polin who discussed this. I noticed that my lines looked like they were falling back making the building feel like they were falling.

For a while I made sure that I paid attention to vertical lines but I stopped paying attention because it became natural. I improved so much by noticing slight mistakes and improving those mistakes by making corrections until I don’t make those mistakes again. 

You really just have to notice the little things because they can greatly improve yourself as a person, artist, and photographer or whatever you do. 

Be great never good,


When one door closes another opens

This shot was taken with my Galaxy S3 on a warm afternoon. Wanted to see what kind of shadows that are on a door. It’s a simple object that we all see everyday but do we truly pay attention to them?

We tend to ignore the beauty of everyday objects. I want to explore these subjects and expose new things about them visually. 

Never give up if one dreams truly fails trust me there will be another door that opens for you.


Film noir taste

I fell in love with film noir after a lifetime of brightly colored films. Nothing beats the grittiness of noir and that’s what I would like to reflect in my photography. The darkness of life doesn’t have to be ugly. There is beauty all walks of life you just have to open your mind and heart. 

I hope to venture into fashion but would like to do black and white shots with heavy shadows. I intend to delve deeper and explore the medium as far as I can go with it. Photography is taking the shots you want and I’m on that path. 

Know what you love and never let it go,


The harder path in life is the best one to take

This path is getting harder and harder. I’m not giving in to the little voice trying to tell me I’m too tired or I’ll do it later. I chose this path and I’m sticking to it. My path is very hard but the rewards will be big. When I am able to stand as a successful photographer I will be so much happier that I took the hard road rather than the easy road. Fuck easy! 

I’m at the point where I do need to expand what I am doing. I just have to figure out how. How do I start to become a full fledged paid photographer. How do I get clients? What kind of jobs can I do in the meantime while I improve my skills and my gear? 

This was done with my Samsung Galaxy S3 at a local store. I wanted to capture the grittiness of the interior which I believe I did. 

Have fun on your path,


See the light 

When you take photographs you have to pay attention to your subject. View it from different angles and capture it in a way no one else had thought of. I was just walking and was able to capture this shot by paying attention to the lighting. This store has reflective floors so I’m always looking for unique uses of light. Light is a very important aspect of photography, study it and master it. Once you do you will be a better phtoographer.

This was done with my Samsung Galaxy S3. It was in color at first but I wanted to highlight the question mark rather than the man in the background. 

Working hard to improve every single day. One step at a time as baby steps will turn into giant strides.

Have a great day/night,


Scale search

Besides studying and doing photography spent a lot of time looking for an architectural scale. I can’t complain because I was able to shoot a lot of photos and have some fun.

Shot this with my Samsung Galaxy S3. I always carry it around with me alongside my ZTE phone. I normally take my Cybershot with me but I always have my phone’s on me. Doesn’t matter what you use but how you use it. 

I love shadows being a film noir fan. I love to capture building that have unique designs that I can see through the photos I have taken of them.sometimes you can see all kinds of unique things that normal people ignore or don’t care about.

Doing some research on fashion photography as I will be doing some photoshoots with someone who is into film noir like me. It’s not my area of expertize but it’s what I love so I want to try it and get better at it. A photographer is still a photographer that may have niches but that doesn’t mean they can’t do other forms of photography. You can’t put a cap on creativity and believe you will be happy. Creativity should be free. So limits are meant to be broken through hard work and happiness. So go out and shoot like crazy unleashing your story and the world you capture. 

Have a good night,