The harder path in life is the best one to take

This path is getting harder and harder. I’m not giving in to the little voice trying to tell me I’m too tired or I’ll do it later. I chose this path and I’m sticking to it. My path is very hard but the rewards will be big. When I am able to stand as a successful photographer I will be so much happier that I took the hard road rather than the easy road. Fuck easy! 

I’m at the point where I do need to expand what I am doing. I just have to figure out how. How do I start to become a full fledged paid photographer. How do I get clients? What kind of jobs can I do in the meantime while I improve my skills and my gear? 

This was done with my Samsung Galaxy S3 at a local store. I wanted to capture the grittiness of the interior which I believe I did. 

Have fun on your path,


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