Besides studying and doing photography spent a lot of time looking for an architectural scale. I can’t complain because I was able to shoot a lot of photos and have some fun.

Shot this with my Samsung Galaxy S3. I always carry it around with me alongside my ZTE phone. I normally take my Cybershot with me but I always have my phone’s on me. Doesn’t matter what you use but how you use it. 

I love shadows being a film noir fan. I love to capture building that have unique designs that I can see through the photos I have taken of them.sometimes you can see all kinds of unique things that normal people ignore or don’t care about.

Doing some research on fashion photography as I will be doing some photoshoots with someone who is into film noir like me. It’s not my area of expertize but it’s what I love so I want to try it and get better at it. A photographer is still a photographer that may have niches but that doesn’t mean they can’t do other forms of photography. You can’t put a cap on creativity and believe you will be happy. Creativity should be free. So limits are meant to be broken through hard work and happiness. So go out and shoot like crazy unleashing your story and the world you capture. 

Have a good night, 



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