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This shot features bushes and trees on a cloudy day. I edited this photo in Lightroom to be much darker in order to create a whole new image. I can see some of my mistakes and have some ideas about how I would edit this photo better. I really enjoy taking gothic-like photos as it fits my personal taste. Hoping to continue to explore Lightroom and photography more.

Getting ready to explore my options as my probation period ends in fourteen days at the retail job. I don’t want to stay because it sucks but some of my co-workers are amazing. It will cause me some grief when I leave, however, it is something I have to do because the company I work for really sucks and I know leaving will help my mental health. Anyway, follow your own path.


Stay fresh,



D61 – Blossoms

black and white photography, nature, nature photography

IMG_20180219_093322-01.jpeg¬†Was pouring rain today thus not much went down besides an almost two mile walk while trying to slice raindrops (not really). Was really in tune with my thoughts today and found myself back to a certain path that I going to pave completely this time. I’ve decided to build it and will not run from it.

This photo represents the moment of becoming anew and finding beauty in a short life. I will admire life for as long as I can and I suggest everyone does the same.

Change, death, and taxes will happen. So you need to simply live how you like while you are here. Never take anyone or anything for granted. As beauty does fade but the beauty of your life will always be carried on if you truly are a kind beast.

Blossom into the person you want to be,


Day 28 – Imperfect Nature

black and white photography, nature, nature photography, sky


4 mile walk, 1 2 sets of 6 games of Tennis, and 30 minutes of basketball. It’s been a long day for me and I enjoyed every moment of it. Rewarded myself with Hawaiian BBQ that was amazing. Explored and took a lot of photos plus developed new concepts for photos and my design work.

My mind is clear (despite a headache) and I’m motivated to keep on going on this path of mine. I’m blazing my path every single day with every decision I make. If I make a mistake I go back and fix what I did wrong. I can honestly say I am improving in every category slowly. It’s frustrating but I know the reward is worth it.

This photo simply shows my love of black and white photography featuring nature. It’s simple but I find it beautiful. In that way, this photo does represent my interests. I try to capture photos based on a single word sometimes and today’s was simple.

D25 – Principles

black and white photography, nature, nature photography

IMG_20180114_105819-01.jpegPushed myself a little bit today yet continued to take it slow. Working hard to build up mental and physical strength and to strengthen my crafts. I am not making a choice of one passion, I’m exploring my strengths and allowing myself to experiment.

I’m relearning the principles of each passion and working on developing projects that would enable me to explore each one in-depth. Meanwhile, I’m walking daily, lifting weights, playing basketball, and doing yoga to strengthen my mind and body. It’s difficult everyday but I am enjoying the moment. I do struggle with self doubt but I’m doing a good job with dispelling those thoughts when they come. I’m getting better everyday in my pursuit of being the strongest version of myself.

Now that I look at it, this photo is definitely influenced by old Tim Burton movies and other gothic films. I love how it is almost symmetrical. I am found of imperfections especially in nature as it is completely natural.

Dive deep into your passions,


Trying Out Nature

black and white photography, nature, nature photography, sky, street photography

Exploring nature more and more. It’s been raining, so I’ve been able to come up with new ideas and execute them. I have always loved the rain, I love everything about it. This photos were taken to showcase my love of shadows, darkness, reflections, and nature. I’m always looking for shapes that branches/leaves make and capturing them as I see them. It was a good day and I will continue to experiment and push myself out of my comfort zone more and more. 
Have a great night/day and stay warm,

Early Bird Gets the Worm

black and white photography, nature, nature photography, street photography

Been experimenting with black and white nature photography for a long time but it’s the first time I showcase these kind of photos. As a shy kid, I grew up taking photos like this with basic point and shoots until I upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S3. But even now I enjoy taking these kind of photos and I always try to explore every medium of photography and never limit my creativity. 

The World I See

black and white photography, nature, nature photography, street photography

I’ve been experimenting with light when I was waiting to play tennis. I captured a ton of photos from various angles and simply allowed myself to capture the same subject wherever I wanted to. I’m doing my best to express myself and exposing the world I see. 

Good Day

black and white photography, nature, nature photography, sky, street photography

“Not every day is good but there’s good in every day”-Winnie the Pooh

I  captured this around 7 am on a very beautiful day. I was preparing to play tennis, when I saw the perfect shot for the moment. Let’s do our best every single day and regret nothing.