IMG_20180114_105819-01.jpegPushed myself a little bit today yet continued to take it slow. Working hard to build up mental and physical strength and to strengthen my crafts. I am not making a choice of one passion, I’m exploring my strengths and allowing myself to experiment.

I’m relearning the principles of each passion and working on developing projects that would enable me to explore each one in-depth. Meanwhile, I’m walking daily, lifting weights, playing basketball, and doing yoga to strengthen my mind and body. It’s difficult everyday but I am enjoying the moment. I do struggle with self doubt but I’m doing a good job with dispelling those thoughts when they come. I’m getting better everyday in my pursuit of being the strongest version of myself.

Now that I look at it, this photo is definitely influenced by old Tim Burton movies and other gothic films. I love how it is almost symmetrical. I am found of imperfections especially in nature as it is completely natural.

Dive deep into your passions,



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