I’ve always liked to take photos of things that people generally don’t pay any special attention to. This was heightened after reading a Japanese photobook called “The Discovery of Ruins”. It is completely in Japanese but each page contains a single sentence. Now that my Japanese is better, I am able to translate it a bit. I would like to have included more of the top of this structure but it’s fine. I treat this shot like a learning experience to improve my skills and my eye for composition plus the other principles. This was taken in Japantown SF.

Was quite tired today, wasn’t able to get everything done. But the things that I did do, I gave my all to. Hopefully, I can put in more work tomorrow. I need to work smarter and do better. I am trying to reach out to take the things that I want and what I need. It’s a slow process and I am in the unknown part of life but I have to accept that and do what I can.

Sleep well,



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