This shot is of a pawn shop in Northern Sacramento. I only had about a minute to capture the shot with my Cybershot. I have it colored here as I liked the colors present. On Instagram I changed it to black and white but was 50/50 on it. Meaning I’m not too sure I like it in black and white. We are our worst critics. So I do the best I do and try not to worry about it. If I am not comfortable with a shot I don’t share it and stare at it to understand what I like or what I don’t like about the shot.

I debate with myself and at times I just livr with the shot. I keep the shot go back to the location and fix what I didn’t like about the first shot. Like I said before all art is trial and error. Just got to do it! I can positive thats all I can truly do.

So I hope you have the ability to keep yourself smiling through all the doubt and bs. 

Keep smiling!



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