DSC05462-01.jpegWorking as hard on my mental health as my physical health and my crafts. Studying philosophy from various sources has helped me better understand and how to ask the right questions that evoke the simplest answers. Big fan of Bruce Lee and have been studying his philosophy hence the title of this post.

I’ve been adaptive in my life and have come to the realization that there is no one way nor one solution. The best option is to adapt to the situation and act accordingly. To not choose one path but to make our own and we can add to the path as we go along as life changes as do we. Who you are yesterday isn’t who you are in a week or a month later.

Thus I took this photo on a walk. I wanted to make it darker but felt like this the perfect way to display the story of the environment. It represents what I mentioned above. Our path may expand as long as we adapt to whatever happens to our life. Sometimes you control an element on your path and other times it simply happens. Be water my friend and become who you truly are.

Adapt well,



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