I took a shot of this church once I decided to test out my new filter and lens. I took a few dozen shots until I realized that I switched the wrong button on and the camera wouldn’t focus. It was a brain fart moment that I fully accept. I would like to go back to this place and capture it again as I understand my camera better. I shared a shot of this church before on a different post that was in color. I like how this is not 100% straight and that my eyes are drawn to the detail in the doors and the space above the doors. I actually think I have decent leading lines in this shot.

I’m learning to critique my photos more while editing them. Which is another skill that I am working on.

Watched the film “The Professor” which is a decent film. The most important thing I got out of it was I have to make a new path for myself as the one I am on isn’t truly working. I am not making any true progress and battle depressing thoughts at night and when I am at my job. The lead would go on to say that 98% of people simply conform to society and simply live without living. I want to be in the 2% and I won’t settle for less. We don’t know when we will die so I plan to live well so I can die well.

Live well people,



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