What path will you take? One of the first shots I took while entering the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco for the second time. I really love the atmosphere and I hope this simple shot can reflect a bit of it. It’s not the type of shot that I would normally show unless my reserves were low. However, at this moment of time this image was the best to showcase my mental state as I try to create my own path.

I wasn’t sad to leave San Francisco but I was sad to leave new experiences. I had a whole lot of fun there and would love to go back. However, sadness only hit me once I started to edit the photos I took of the trip. Not sobbing sad but a mere I didn’t get the meal that I wanted sad. I came to the realization that I need to travel and experience the world. So I’m planning trips to Phoenix AZ, Portland OR, Seattle WA, Canada, Salt Lake City UT, Japan, South Korea, and Thailand. I don’t have they money of course but I am beginning to flesh out how much money I will need for each trip. Right now, it’s a dream of mine. So that in itself, is an improvement.

While I was on the bus heading home from SF, I didn’t know what to do with myself once I entered my room. So I decided in my mind I would Marie Kondo my bookshelf and I did just that. I forced myself to start laundry, put everything I bought away, and did a few things before I allowed myself to lay down on my bed. Today, I did the same thing. After working, I forced myself to wash the bowl I bought plus all of my cups and download my photos then delete the bad things only to upload the approved ones to google drive. It doesn’t seem like much but it’s a start.

I also returned to work today, even though I was more tired than normal I am glad that I did. My co-worker, Dan, told me that he put in his two week notice but he decided he’ll just quit during lunch as he was tired of this place. As he embraced me in a hug with his giant biceps, I was sad but happy that he was escaping. I know he is achieving his dream. We talked for a minute and I made him a promise that I would pursues my dreams and escape this place as well. So I have to work even harder as I am doing my best to be a man of my word. He wished me luck as I did to him and I left the backroom only looking back once.

Me and Dan won’t close but we shared a few in depth discussions and were good co-workers. He was always willing to give me health advice and even seem bothered by my questions. I wish him luck.

I also decided to start a lifestyle blog and to leave my workplace before the end of this year. I will be looking hard for a new job that will give me enough time to focus on my crafts and/or actually involve my passions. Right now, all I can do is continue to improve myself. I don’t feel as lost anymore as I somehow know what I want to do. I hope that I can truly act upon it as two paths may merge into one without me realizing it. I am creating paths that’s is also why I chose to display the photo above. Dream big and aim high.

Peace and sleep well,



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