A little shop in Chinatown that I wanted to capture. I like the grittiness of the building which is almost a commonplace in San Francisco. This shot reminds me of the good day I had traveling through Chinatown willing to get lost. I have no idea what the sign says or what this store sells. I just liked how it looked and I wanted to capture a building in Chinatown. It was hard to get a good shot off with no human elements and light posts in the way.

Hope to go back to Chinatown in the future and capture more shots of interesting buildings. There are some good alleys for photo taking and street art to capture. It’s a beautiful area of the city even despite all of it’s apparent problems.

Living daily, trying to stop bad habits and do good habits instead. Will be making a lot of moves, I know some of them will fail but I will see a “w” eventually. Peace and escape the rat race unless you love it,



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