To me the key of life is love. We must love what we do, who we are with, and who we are. If this is done properly you will create happiness. You will have the life you might not have wanted but the one you found. It all starts with love. You must love yourself or no one else will. You must love what you do or you will sink been in a personal hell could a 9 to 5. 

My desire is to not drown in a sea of cubicles. I must be creative to live or it’s not a life I want. I crave freedom like the birds soaring above us. I always stood out and was always praised for my creativity and my ability to put effort in when my heart was into the task. 

This is really difficult but its what I must to do to truly be alive. I am having a character building time and trying to pull myself up of all the hate and from cold grip of the darkness that always finds it way back to me. I’m doing my best to replace the hate with love it doesn’t always work but I’m not giving up. 

On a bike ride I caught this ad it appeared to be an uncompleted heart. It was what I needed at the time and took photos from different angles. I instantly knew the title would be about love. 

I’m living the change I want and becoming the man I truly am. 

Go with love,



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