Back Then to Now: Path to success

architecture photography, street photography

A few years ago, I explored a new place to take photos for my photography class final. This was one for the photos but I didn’t use it as one of three final pics. I enjoy this shot and as soon as I saw it I felt inspired to write. 

I didn’t know what the building was. It was run down with a gaping hole and all the entrances were closed off. It’s in my nature to capture subjects like this. 

Some of us may think that any ladder to success, to goals or our dream lives is out of reach. But if you learn parkour they won’t be. Sometimes all it takes is to go a different way. No path is straight your path will curve, will go up and down. It’s all about how you handle it. Eventually you will be able to grasp that ladder and reach the top. 

Don’t look down once you do or you may lose everything. Keep your eyes on the present. 

I believe you will be able to reach the top of wherever you want to go even if you don’t believe..I do,


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