Something I have struggled with for a long time. I’ve been told I have talent in writing poetry but never fully believed it. When I do actually believe it something happens that destroys my confidence. One factor of it is social media.  

I’m confident as a photographer because I take photos I like. But sometimes social media will tear at me when I don’t get any form of feedback. I’m the type of person who feels like something bad will happen when it’s silent rather than when everything is loud. 

I struggle with this so hard that I start to panic inside. I think I may quit at times but I don’t. I simply love creating too much to quiet. I love writing, doing photography, and all my other passions. Yet it doesn’t click inside myself that this is all I need. I simply have to tune everything out and do the work I love.

I think it boils down to fear as I put my heart into my work and I’m more sensitive than I would like to be. I can take constructive criticism and people telling me negative things but it’s worse when there is no feedback. That’s when I start to worry and when I start to crash. 

Working hard to build myself up,



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