A shot I took on a whim. A little kid was nice enough to wave and was super excited that I was taking the photo. I wasn’t going to but I decided to take the shot. I like street photography as you can have so many characters in one shot. The kid happily waving, the little girl kicking her foot out as an older woman looks at her. The woman on the far left digging into her purse as she waits for the light to turn and even the guy on the far right looking at his phone. It’s probably not a shot I would have taken a few years ago but it shows my progress and rising confidence as a photographer.

Getting sleepy but I will give my all to write this. Tomorrow, will be the last time I will be a warehouse associate. Starting Saturday I will be a production associate thus higher pay and different hours. The only problem is that my hours are varied so they will different for almost every shift. I will stay in this new position for up to six months at the most. I’m going to be improving my education status and trying to find/or start a career that I can truly enjoy. I’ll do my best to create other streams of revenue and save up money from my day job.

I’ve seen drastic improvements in my habits and lifestyle. I’m steadily becoming more active and creating more. It’s still a long road but I am looking forward to continuing this journey.

Peace and love,



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