Stairs I’ve walked past a few times on my SF trips. Maybe next time, I will be able to get to the top of the stairs.

Was dead tired for some reason today, it was a struggle physically to get through work. Came home took a nap then jumped on my motorcycle for a while and rested at home. I did do a few positive things, but nothing too grand in scale. However, what I accomplish were technically baby steps. So it was a decent day.

Got more research done and started analyze a few things. I will write about my findings tomorrow. Tomorrow, I will be riding my motorcycle to school which will be very different. I will have to be alert and pay attention even more as the area will have a lot of traffic and terrible drivers. Sacrament was rated as one of the worst cities to ride a motorcycle in.

Besides that, I am still looking for opportunities and doing my best to lose weight. Haven’t found anything and my weight loss process is very slow at the moment. I won’t give up and will continue to push myself to pursue what I need.

Short and sweet tonight, will have to wake up early and get to school. So sleep well and dream big,



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