Day 24 – Birthday Pattern

architecture photography, black and white photography

Wish I could go back to this building and take another shot of it. I like the rhythm and patterns that naturally happen thanks to the design of the windows of this building. I said this before but I love San Francisco architecture.

Today the 11th is my birthday. I turned 28 and instead of resting today, I did my best to do whatever I wanted. I studied Japanese, Korean, rode my motorcycle, took photos, exercised, cleaned, did research, etc. Today, made me realize that I need to haul ass and get stuff done before it’s too late. No more waiting, just do it as Nike says. I’m still young so it’s the perfect time to fail and pick myself up again. My grandparents are not getting any younger and I would like to provide for them when they get older. That’s a major goal that I currently have and I still have a long way go to accomplishing that.

I stated that I will leave my current job as soon as possible and I will be submitting my resume to various companies as soon as I sign off of this blog. I will also launch my lifestyle blog next week and will dedicate more time to my craft. I can’t wait to see the results and I can’t wait to see what I can do when I get off my ass and turn YouTube off.

Get off your ass and work smart!



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