It’s been a while, I’m in a more peaceful state of mind and have decided to try a new approach. I’m more determined to succeed after taking time to think and to make decisions. Focusing more on my creative endeavors and allowing me to escape less from the reality that I live.

A while ago I felt like this. I was blank as the table but I realized that the lines were already there but I wasn’t reading between them. I have always known what I wanted to pursue but media and laziness had me in a state of inaction which caused me to be empty and at times highly depressed.

After self reflection I have made some decisions about life and how and why I should commit to these decisions. I’ve seen slow but steady progress that has encouraged more happiness and peacefulness to enter my life. I’m working hard to accept responsibility so I can become the man that I know that I can and should have been.

With that out of the way, these photos were taken in San Francisco at the Japanese Tea Garden. It’s a beautiful place that I would recommend anyone who lives in SF or is going to visit the city should give this place a try.

Enjoy live and love yourself,



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