This building was one from my past as well. I used to go to it when made runs for the ladies at my grandmother’s nail shop when I was much younger. It’s not bad of a building, it does it’s purpose. The spacing on sign is a bit off but it’s been like that since I first saw it many years ago.

It was done with my Cybershot, didn’t have much time but was able to capture the image I wanted. I’m trying to keep it simple. Very little editing as well. Mostly switching it from color to black and white(which you can view on my instagram). I keep it colored on here because it could be either way as I am still loving this shot. 

Editing should be like make up for women. Make up should only enhance beauty not create it. Editing should only enhance the beauty you have already captured(unless you do abstract). Thats my philosophy anyway, you don’t have to follow it if you don’t like it. 

Took a lot of photos today (about 123) returned to college so was able to do various forms of photography while on campus. I always love to experiment and always try not to limit myself in whatever I do.

Will post two times a day like I stated before. Will start posting earlier if I am able to.

Have a great night! Enjoy life



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