Not once in my life has someone ever told me “your normal”. I’ve always been the outcast everyone knows but isn’t friends with. The one that sticks out like a sore thumb. But I really didn’t care and still don’t. I would rather be different than accept a life of being normal aka average. 

An average life is boring, my mentors didn’t live an average life and neither shall I. It’s up to me to decide how my life ends up. I have to jump in the pool without dipping a toe in. It’s the only way I can truly grasp the life I’ve always wanted. It’s now or never. Got to do something, I want a future whwre I can tell my future children that I did something that most people turn their backs to. I lived my dreams and have many more to go. This big dream makes my insides burn with passion to get going. 

Here’s to a long journey,



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