I love the way trees look without leaves. That gothic look is marvelous as if it was in an old vampire film. I love the contrast between white and black. It’s an easy thing to do in photography but I find it hard to master. One such person who mastered it is Tim Burton. 

His films Sweeny Todd, Edward Scissorhands and many others have influenced me. I love Victorian era architecture and many gothic elements. I want to be able to use contrast with black and white vs birght colors that he showed during the beach scene in Sweeny Todd. It was such a visual treat that influenced my way of thinking and art style. 

I seek to be able to take photographs with gothic subjects especially Victorian era architecture. I plan to use gothic models in the future and create my own world with a gothic touch. 

This photo is of a building at Cosumnes River College that lays below a massively beautiful tree. I love the shadow that is so solid that it appears to consume everything in its path. 

It’s up to you to find your inspiration we all have some,



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